Taiwan Alumni

UConn Alumni from Taiwan Since 1964


The following is the list of some UConn Alumni from Taiwan. If you were associated with UConn in the past and would like to be listed, please send your information to me including your name, (e-mail address if you want it to be listed), state where you now reside, field of study, and the years that you were at UConn, I will be happy to add yours to the list. You may also send me your phone number but it will not be listed unless you insist. The list is in chronological order in the year of graduation.

Name(State of Residence, Field of Study, Years at UConn) 
Shu, Charles C. and Helen (VA, Civil Engineering, 1964-1966, 1968-1970)
Lin, Cheng Jung Jenny (IL, Agri’l Econ., 1967-1969)
Lin, Nancy Y. (NY, Agri’l Econ., 1968)
Chang, Nan-chen (NJ, Chemistry, 1967-1971)
Weng, Teng San and Joyce (MD, Statistics, 1968-1971)
Hong, Kuo-chao (? , MBA, 1969-1971)
Hsu, Chung-hsiung (? , Chemistry, 1969-197?)
Kao,Kung-Lian (? , Agri’l Econ., 1969-1971)
Kuo, Wen-hung (NJ, Agri’l Econ., 1969-1971)
Lin, Chiu-mei (NJ, Nutritional Science, 1969-1971)
Chang, Nanfong Michael (NJ, Economics, 1968-1974)
Chang, Shuntai and Meihui (NY, ???, 197?-197?)
Chang, Huann-shiou Edward (??, ???, 197?-197?)
Chen, Chang-Hwei & Julia (NY, ???, 197?-197?)
Chen, Philip & Medeline (MA, ???, 107?-197?)
Chuang, Jau-Yi & Sherry (NJ, Material Science, 197?-197?)
Huang, Shyh-Chin and Cinnia (NY, ???, 197?-197?)
Hong, Kuo-Chao (??, ???, 197?-197?)
Lin, Terry Kuang-hsing Terence (IL, Agri’l Econ., 1969-1974)
Ling, Charlie (DC, Agri’l Econ., 1969-1974)
Chien, Raymond Kuang-Ho (CA, Material Science, 197?-197?)
Kao, Joan Miao-Cheng (CA, Economics, 197?-197?)
Soon, Su Yen (Mrs.James H.) (??, ???, 197?-197?)
Tsai, Ernest (MA, ???, 197?-197?)
Tseng, H.T. & Mei-Shin (TW, ???, 197?-197?)
Tzeng, Vincent & Mei-Ching (MA, Material Science, 197?-197?)
Wang, John Rong-You (CA, 197?-197?)
Wu, Jung-Ming & Norma (MA, ???, 197?-197?)
Wu, Mike Mikou Mu (??, ???, 197?-197?)
Chuang, Jau-Yi and Sharley (NJ, Material Science, 197? – 197?)
Chen, C.H. and Julia (NY,?,?)
Tu, Ching-Tsao (CA, Statistics, 197?-197?)
Yang, Pao-Fei (MA, Psychology, Fine Arts, 1968-1974)
Huang, Shyh-Chin and Cinnia (NY, Material Science, Biology, 197?-197?)
Lou, Wen and Alice (NJ, Nutritional Science, 197?-197?)
Wu, Jung-Ming and Norma ( , , )
Shao, Theodore and Brenda (NY, Mathematics, 197?-197?)
Tzeng, Wen-Shian and Mei-Ching (MA, Material Science, Mathematics, 197?-197?)
Shiau, Allen Way-Hu (PA, Agri’l Econ., 1975-1978)
Lin, Kuo Ching (Taiwan, Agri’l Econ., 1976-1978)
Hwang, Ling-Ju (DC, Agri’l Econ., 1978-1980)
Lin, Chun-Hui (Taiwan, , 197?-19??)
Lin, Tong-Ying (CA, Machanical Engineering, 197?-198?)
Koo, Wen-Hsiung (Taiwan, Material Science, 197?-198?)
Chang, Yin-Chung (CA, Economics, 1977-1981, Statistics, 1995)
Buu, Paul (CT, Chemical Engineering, 1977-1980)
Kuo, Chia-Li (CT, Economics, 1978-1980)
Chen, Tien-Teh (CA, Polymer Chemistry, 1979-1983)
Sun, Kolie Kuang-Chieh (CT, Statistics, 1983-1985)
Su, Chi-Hong (CT, Material Science, 198?-198?)
Tsaur, Sen Liang (NJ, Chemistry, 197?-198?)
Wang, Man-Li (CT, Chemistry, 1978-1984)
Wu, Ming-Jer (CT, Economics, 1978-1985)
Pan, Jeng-Jong (MD, Geophysics, 1980-1983>
Lin, Hong-Bin (NJ, Polymer Chemistry, 1981-1985)
Chang, Shu-Ying (NJ, Chemistry, 1981-1984)
Lin, Samuel (NJ, Post Doctoral, Material Science, 1981-1984)
Ning, Taikang (CT, Computer Science, 198?-199?)
Chou, Kuo-Tuan (Taiwan, Business School, 1988-1992)
Tu, Shin-Fong (Taiwan, Economics, 198?-199?)
Tsai, Yu-Li (CA, Post Doctral in Pharmacy, 198?-198?)
Lin, Fong-Pin (NJ, Civil Engineering, 198?-198?)
Jen, Kuo-Ching (Taiwan, Mathematics, 1987-1990)
Shih, Tony Cheng Ping (Taiwan, ARE, 1987-1993)
Li, Yih-hui (Taiwan, Actuarial Science, 1993-1995)
Chang, John (Taiwan, Actuarial Science, 1993-1995)
Tsai, Den-Mo (Taiwan, Education, 1991-199?)
Wen, Lih-Chyi (Taiwan, Economics, 1991-1996)
Lee, Chien-Jong (CT, MBA, 1994-1996)
Hwang, Chuan-Chih (CT, MBA, 1995-1997)
Lee, Jenchieh (NY, ARE, 1995-1997)